Bellaction Duo (New)

Fights cellulite from its deepest layers

Until now, the devices to combat cellulite have treated it superficially, that is, through aggressive methods for the most superficial layers of tissues such as kneading, pinching, pinching, sucking or dragging it, achieving optimal results in most the cases.

With the new device that we have acquired, the Sapphire BellAction Duo, which acts in depth, much more complete results are achieved without the need for care after treatment, with the experience and innovation characteristic of one of the most professional brands in the healthcare sector. esthetic.

What is the BellAction Duo?

This system is distinguished from the others by penetrating into the deepest layers of the tissues; in this way, avoiding the appearance of flaccidity, typical of aggressive methods for the superficial layers by causing traction in the dermis and epidermis.

The BellAction Duo is a system based on deep physioactive massage that does not require any other treatment for its effects to be optimal, although it is compatible with them if the professional considers it convenient.

In view of the fact that cellulite and muscles are located in the deepest layers of the tissue, the BellAction focuses on these so that, on the one hand, it slides and compresses the superficial layers in order not to produce traction and, consequently, flaccidity. On the other hand, it accesses the deeper tissues through compression, acting directly on the most entrenched cellulite and on the muscles.


In body treatment, BellAction Duo acts on the soft tissues of both the skin and muscle, providing the five effects most demanded by clients:

Eliminates the most stubborn cellulite
Tones those soft tissues
Contributes to the drainage of accumulated liquids
Relieves tissue inflammation
Reshapes and eliminates contractures

This device is capable of reducing up to two sizes on average without losing weight thanks to the reduction in volume it causes, accompanied by toning and firming of the tissues.

In facial treatment, the system differs from the others for its ability to treat sagging, also avoiding it by not causing tissue traction. It also allows professionals who use the device to have higher quality facial finishes with less fatigue, thus facilitating their work.

Likewise, the new Sapphire device introduces CO2 carboxytherapy, a technique that fights circulatory, dermatological and rheumatological problems: This method works by emitting CO2 into the tissues, producing cold and changing the pH of the skin. Said cold contracts the walls of the vascular system while the decrease in pH enhances the release of substances such as nitric oxide, leading to increased microcirculation and repair of epidermal cells.

Final results

With never-before-seen efficiency, the machine removes unsightly volumes from fabrics both surface and depth. On the other hand, it also nourishes and tones muscle fibers.

In the same way, by not subjecting the skin to mechanical traction, it will retain a healthy appearance and a smooth and firm texture, thus achieving the complete elimination of cellulite. Likewise, due to the action of the apparatus on the musculature, the fallen buttocks recover their shape, the abdomen and waist decrease their volume and recover their tone.

In short, thanks to the BellAction Duo, the reduction of up to two sizes as well as volume is guaranteed, accompanied by toning and reaffirmation of the tissues so that, in certain clients, there has been an increase of up to two or three kilograms and the drop of up to two sizes characteristic of the Sapphire treatment.