Body treatments

Fat burn


Doctor Babor Fat Burning Treatment

Indicated for mild, edematous and hard cellulite. It reduces the reserves of adipose deposits and a firming of the connective tissue is obtained, the result is appreciated with a much smoother appearance.

The innovative complex developed by the Babor laboratory composed of a HEXAPEPTIDE 39, FOSCOLINA, CAFFEINE AND GUARANÁ among others, reduces fat deposits and activates their decomposition.

65 €

Body peeling


Body peeling is a treatment for the removal of dead skin cells or superficial peeling, providing freshness, softness and cleanliness to the skin.

The main objective of the peeling is to deeply cleanse the skin, purifying and oxygenating it to give it the appropriate density and elasticity. 

60 €



It is an aesthetic and therapeutic treatment, which bases its operation on the properties of various natural ingredients, such as seaweed, some types of clay, chocolate or coffee, and whose practice has become popular from the 80s to our own. dates. According to specialists, these components, together with the heat added during the session, the treatment has great benefits for the skin, depending on the organic product used, such as rejuvenating, exfoliating, moisturizing, slimming and toning and relaxing effects.

65 €

Wood therapy


Wood Therapy is a massage technique that appeared and developed in the East thousands of years ago.

In recent decades, thanks to various studies, it has been discovered that this therapy offers benefits on the body, which were unknown in their origins. Over the years, Wood Therapy has evolved and perfected and today it is considered one of the most effective techniques for remodeling, firming, anti-cellulite, decontracting and anti-stress treatments. 

65 €


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