Lifting and Botox of eyelashes

The Eyelash Lifting is a treatment for natural eyelashes, which instead of curling them, what it does is stretch them naturally, creating an effect of greater length and thickness.

After lifting, natural lashes will appear visibly denser without the need for lash extensions!

Lifting y Botox de pestañas en La Zenia

The Lifting and Botox of the eyelashes are two very beneficial beauty treatments for this part of the body.

When we talk about eyelash lifting, we are referring to a technique that consists of lifting and blackening the eyelashes without using false ones, using natural hair, thus creating an effect of greater length and thickness.

The botox of eyelashes is another technique that we use here, in the beauty center, which consists of “make up” the eyelashes to get even more out of them. This consists of lengthening, thickening and dyeing the eyelashes black and is ideal both for women who do not usually wear makeup and those who do, in order to look more beautiful and strong.

At Anna Sherbakova Beauty Medical Center, after many years of experience, we believe that these treatments do not damage the eyelashes at all and the duration ranges from 3 weeks to a month, as long as a specific serum is used. and take care


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