Pressotherapy: Innovation in Wellbeing and Beauty

Pressotherapy, available at Anna Sherbakova Beauty Medical Center in La Zenia, is a revolutionary technique in the field of well-being and beauty. This non-invasive treatment has gained popularity for its multiple benefits, both aesthetic and therapeutic. It is an ideal solution for those looking to improve their circulation, reduce cellulite and enjoy an overall feeling of rejuvenation.


What is Pressotherapy?

An Advanced Treatment for the Body

This uses a special machine that applies controlled pressure through a suit made up of air chambers. These chambers inflate and deflate rhythmically, massaging and compressing the treated areas of the body. This process improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps in the elimination of toxins and retained fluids.

Multiple and Effective Benefits

The effects of the treatment at Anna Sherbakova Beauty Medical Center in La Zenia go beyond aesthetics. In addition to reducing cellulite and improving skin tone, this treatment relieves heaviness in the legs, reduces swelling and can be an effective complement to postoperative treatments, especially after liposuction.

The Experience in La Zenia

A Relaxing and Professional Environment

At Anna Sherbakova Beauty Medical Center, located in La Zenia, pressotherapy is performed in a calm and professional environment. Our specialists are highly trained to customize treatment to your specific needs, ensuring a comfortable and beneficial experience.

Personalized Sessions for Optimal Results

Each session at our center in La Zenia is adapted to the client's individual needs. Depending on each person's goals, treatment can focus on specific areas such as legs, abdomen or arms, and be adjusted in intensity and duration.

Combining Pressotherapy with Other Treatments

Synergy for Greater Effectiveness

Pressotherapy can be effectively combined with other aesthetic treatments offered at Anna Sherbakova Beauty Medical Center in La Zenia. When used in conjunction with treatments such as cavitation or radiofrequency, the results can be even more significant, especially in reducing cellulite and improving body contour.

A Comprehensive Approach to Wellbeing

In addition to aesthetic treatments, pressotherapy perfectly complements wellness and health regimens. It is an excellent option for those looking for a comprehensive approach to caring for their body, improving circulation, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusion: Transform your Wellbeing in La Zenia

Pressotherapy at Anna Sherbakova Beauty Medical Center in La Zenia represents a perfect fusion of technology, well-being and beauty. This treatment not only offers visible aesthetic benefits, but also provides a significant improvement in the quality of life of our clients. We invite you to experience the rejuvenating effects of pressotherapy in our center, where your well-being is our priority.

The latest generation in pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage


NOVAPRESS pressotherapy machine:

The NOVAPRESS Pressotherapy Machine at Anna Sherbakova Beauty Medical Center, La Zenia, is your ideal ally in lymphatic drainage and fat elimination. Perfect to complement body remodeling treatments, this advanced technology offers effective and safe results, improving circulation and reducing cellulite.

With novapress pressotherapy all are advantages:


It facilitates the elimination of liquids, fats and toxins, improves the elimination of cellulite, edema, varicose veins, debris that have been produced by other interventions.
Reduces, shapes, eliminates cellulite and orange peel, in addition to preventing future formations. The perfect complement to Adipocare Plus or Adiposhape.


The pressotherapy acts through 6 operating modes to be chosen according to the pressure of the different chambers.


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