Melanin is the natural pigment that regulates skin color. In addition, it protects the skin from UV rays, thus causing tanning.  

Pigmentation problems are related to malfunction of melanin, which causes hyperpigmentation (dark spots on the skin) or depigmentation (white spots) on the skin. The latter is usually related to a condition such as vitiligo or albinism, which requires medical attention.

There are different types of spots: “coffee with milk”, lentigines, moles, melasma, senile keratosis, dyschromia. etc

To eliminate spots on the face, neckline and hands, we have different treatment options that are always personalized to the needs of each patient.

Acids have become essential ingredients in anti-spot treatments since they not only reverse the damage caused by photoaging to the skin (spots, wrinkles and sagging) but these acidic substances alter the pH of the skin, or the balance. between its acidity and its alkalinity.

This action causes tissue renewal in the basal layer of the skin, since a breakdown of the cellular interconnections of the corneocytes (mature cells) occurs, releasing them and accelerating their elimination.


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