The micropigmentation of eyebrows are techniques within the semi and permanent makeup of eyebrows. Both are used as a method to correct the profile of the eyebrows, and it is very common among those women who suffer from thin eyebrows, with little hair or bald spots due to excessive hair removal.

The mouth plays an essential role in the expression of the face, so having perfect lips has become a necessity.

The Micropigmentation of lips or also known as permanent makeup of lips, allows to correct imperfections or asymmetries of the lip, beautify, give harmony and balance the face.

Thanks to this technique, it is possible to give greater thickness to thin lips, add color in the mucosa (filling of lips with Micropigmentation), disguise spots or scars, increase the optical volume, etc.

The eyes form an essential part of the face, as they are capable of transmitting by themselves. Therefore, many women take special care in bringing their eyes perfectly groomed and made up.

Micropigmentation of eyes, also known as permanent eye penitentiary or permanent eye tattoo, involves pigmenting the upper eyeliner, the lower eyeliner, or both. So you get a permanent eye makeup.

The objective of the Micropigmentation in eyes is to rejuvenate the facial expression, to give luminosity to the look, to correct fallen eyes or to give a voluminous effect of the eyelashes.