Project Description

Body treatments

It is a sophisticated and romantic protocol and ultra-nutritive and rejuvenating ritual. It starts with a body exfoliation that renews the texture of the skin providing luminosity and smoothness. The ritual continues with a delicate massage performed with an oil that provides elasticity to our skin.

It is a perfect ritual for the relaxation of body and mind and give a new life to our skin.

The body peeling is a treatment for the elimination of dead cells of the

skin or superficial peeling, providing freshness, smoothness and cleanliness to the skin.

The main objective of the peeling is to cleanse the skin thoroughly by purifying it

and oxygenate it to give it the proper density and elasticity.

Even with facial hygiene, it is sometimes necessary to clean

back, since it is one of the areas where most impurities accumulate,

for being one of the areas where more sebaceous glands exist in the body.

With the back clean your skin will look luminous, hydrated and free of

impurities and dead cells.

Maderoterapia is a massage technique that appeared and developed in the East thousands of years ago.

In the last decades, thanks to various studies, it has been discovered that this therapy offers benefits on the organism, which in its origins are unknown. Over the years, Maderoterapia has been evolving and improving and today it is considered one of the most effective techniques for remodeling, firming, anti-cellulite, anti-stress and antistress treatments.

It is also a holistic therapy that manages to align and balance the energetic centers of your body.

In our natural therapy we use different rollers, boards and wooden cups that adapt to different parts of the body, so we work any anatomical point without any problem. The instruments we use are made of wood because it is one of the five elements of nature and is beneficial for health.

During the treatment, a pleasant sensation of well-being is produced, releasing you from the accumulated stress. Just by feeling the woods slide over your skin, the tension accumulated by the emotional or physical stress will begin to disappear, your muscles and your mind will relax, making your vital energy renew.

Without a doubt, a pleasure for your body, mind and spirit! Do you want to try it?

Fat Burning Treatment Doctor Babor

Indicated in cellulits of mild, edematous and hard type. It reduces the reserves of the adipose deposits and a reaffirmation of the connective tissue is obtained, the result is appreciated with a much smoother appearance.

The innovative complex developed by the Babor laboratory composed of a HEXAPEPTIDE 39, FOSCOLINE, CAFFEINE AND GUARANA among others, reduces fat deposits and activates their decomposition.

In addition the COLLAGEN BOOSTER PEPTIDO promotes the firmness of the connective tissue and smoothes the surface of the skin, the lack of uniformity caused by the deposits of fat seems to be less visible and the skin appears more smooth, firm and uniform.

Facial and body illuminator relaxing massage

An ultra-relaxing treatment thanks to its soft heat and its aromatic fragrance with lavender flowers. Combination of efflorages, pressures and stretching, the massage of the body is very original, based on a Thai-inspired sea bolus, which eliminates stress points one by one and restores the balance of the body.

The exfoliation with crystals of sea salt and the treatment of the face with an illuminating effect give back to the skin all its softness and natural luminosity. The relaxation par excellence.

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