Project Description

Hair removal

Waxing with hot wax: a perfect result.
We perform waxing in the following body parts: eyebrows, armpits, arms, groin, legs, ½ legs, lip, pubis, linea alba, buttocks, back, chest and abdomen.

Waxing with hot wax is the most traditional hair removal method and has a perfect result. That is why it is, without a doubt, one of the most used methods by the public. And above all, it is an option for all those people who can not or do not want to expose their skin to the laser.

Thanks to the fact that the hot wax is, in reality, a resin, it manages to pull from the root any type of hair, whether long, hard, fine, short or abundant.

Among its advantages, the slow growth of hair, also providing a feeling of inestimable softness; your savings, because it is an economically affordable technique; Its adaptability because waxing allows you to look fantastic in a bathing suit.

This type of waxing is recommended, for example, for those people who have a very strong root or abundant hair. Perfect for male hair removal.

There is also the possibility of opting for waxing with cold wax, more suitable in summer. Among its advantages, it is a perfect option for any part of the body and a very clean hair removal system. Perfect, especially, for long hair.

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